Level Up Your Gospel Impact


Embark on one or all three transformational leadership coaching journeys for personal and professional growth.

Discover the Unique Identity and Purpose God Created You To Enjoy

Masterpiece invites you on an 11-week transformative journey to clarity in character, calling, and contribution. Delve deep into your life’s puzzle, identifying and putting together pieces that reveal the magnificent picture of your God-given identity and purpose.

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Cultivate Sustainable, Long-Term Leadership Impact

Feel like you're going through the motions without making real progress? The Fully Formed Leader Journey is a ten month coaching intensive that nurtures your spiritual, emotional, and relational health to catalyze your life and leadership. 

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Grow a Vibrant, Unified, Church On Mission

Thriving Church offers strategic coaching to pastors and ministry teams who desire to develop proven systems and processes that unify the church in spiritual and relational health. Shepherd more people into deeper relationship with Christ and one another - and grow the church.

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Connect, Grow, and Lead with Confidence

Each coaching journey is uniquely designed to address the core needs of today's pastors and ministry leaders. Whether you're seeking personal growth, aspiring to enhance your leadership skills, or aiming to shepherd people into deeper relationship with Christ and one another, there is a journey for you to receive the strategic support you need.

Ready to Level Up Your Leadership Impact?

Click the links above to explore each coaching journey. 

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Grow in spiritual, emotional, and relational health.

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