Adventure trips create space for Gospel friendship, leadership growth, and spiritual renewal in the solitude of beautiful places.


Rediscover you heart and re-orient your life to the things that matter most. Each unique trip provides a deeply rewarding and memorable journey that combines leadership growth, spiritual formation, basic survival skills, and refreshment for the soul. 

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Voyageur Adventure

September 19-29, 2024

The Voyageur Adventure is your gateway to the renowned Boundary Waters Canoe Area, a rugged wilderness sanctuary straddling the U.S.-Canadian border. More than 2,000 lakes are interconnected by streams, rivers, and portage trails - all waiting to be explored by you. Paddle, portage, hunt for grouse, fish for walleye and lake trout, and primitive camp in one of the world's premier canoeing destination.

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Scout Adventure

Save Your Spot for Winter 2025

Experience the beauty of natural springs and fish-filled lakes deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country woods. Temperate days and starlit nights provide a brilliant respite. Stay in a primitive camp nestled among trees where you will learn the basic primitive survival skills known and passed down for thousands of years. Enjoy hiking, fishing, archery, air rifles, sling shots, bushcraft and more. It’s camp for men.

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Explorer Adventure

Save Your Spot for July 2025

The Explorer Adventure follows the footsteps of ancient Native Americans and mountain men into the high wilderness saddle of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Venture off the beaten path on remote trails through lush meadows interconnected by rushing streams and pristine mountain lakes teeming with trout. Hike, fly fish, and primitive tent camp on an unforgettable backcountry experience.

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Create Your Own Adventure

You pick the place, people, and program. I will lead, organize, and guide you. Rugged or Five Star - curate the experience of a lifetime for you, your friends, or your team.

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“I don’t know if I have experienced that much direction, growth, and renewal from the Lord in such a short period of time. Highly recommend this adventure to any leader looking for direction and growth.”



“I needed a spiritual reset. I needed time to focus on me and my relationship with God and not worry about work, kids, family, politics, or the hustle and bustle of life. It was a once in a lifetime experience - an amazing spiritual and physical journey of brotherhood and reconnection with God.”



“The experience was fantastic. I loved the prayer rhythm. I also really loved the daily talks and journaling. I needed to reset from life and to sit and seek God undistracted. I loved the bushcraft, but the heart stuff was what I needed.”



“Silence and solitude, beauty and adventure, fellowship and fuel that formed and reformed me into the husband, father, and pastor I need to be for years to come. Matt’s teaching, leadership, and the experience of being out in the wilderness allowed God to do a tremendous work in my heart. My soul has been refreshed, and I am returning home stronger and healthier.”



“I cannot more highly recommend this experience for any person, but especially those who lead in any capacity. We can not lead our families, businesses, churches, or even ourselves if our hearts are not forgiven, healed, redeemed, and free. My experience was one of incredible healing along with spiritual and emotional restoration. My decision to go is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my spiritual and emotional health.”



“My experience was unforgettably good. Matt’s spiritual and operational leadership was truly awesome, and Darrik’s outdoorsmanship was unmatchable. My highlights were the insightful spiritual lessons, practices, and prayers; the camaraderie of supportive Christian brothers; and enjoying the awesomeness of God’s creation.”



“I encountered God in deep and profound ways that I believe I’ll see the fruit of months and years into the future. I would highly recommend this trip. It has a great balance of soul care, challenge, fun, and learning!”



“Knowing Matt, I had high expectations for this trip. I’m happy to say, this adventure exceeded them all. Through thought provoking devotions, interacting with like-minded men, bushcraft skills, fishing, and hiking - I was able to escape the daily grind and uncover things in my life that God was trying to show me. It is no question that I would love to partake in another adventure with Matt.”



“What an amazing experience full of fun, challenges, and beautiful sites! This was one of the most special trips I have taken as an adult. My most memorable take aways are the morning devotions with coffee around the campfire and spending time with Christian brothers. I found such peace and purpose each morning during solitude time journaling and praying. This was an adventure of a lifetime that enabled me to reconnect with God. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who wants or needs a life reset physically, emotionally, and spiritually!”



“To say the whole trip was a highlight would be the easiest way to answer. The bible studies were great. I learned more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Learning survival skills was also a highlight, and sitting around the campfire talking. Building relationships and learning more about myself is something which will never be forgotten. The trip gave me a renewed feeling and peace within myself for the future. It was a well-planned, organized, and prayerful adventure filled with survival skills, stories, and enormous sights.”


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